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Radio Radio

8.00PM - 11.00PM

Radio Radio are a rock band from South London, emerging from the underground...

Three of us met at school before recruiting our drummer, Luke, who we found on a train. We play gigs around London accompanied by our trustworthy Westfalia VW camper van, hauling our personalised drum kit and manicured singer Louis, as well as the other three scruff bags.

The distinctive style of lead singer Louis is inspired by David Bowie and other rock 'n' roll luminaries - unfortunately his budget only extends to faux-snakeskin, but he is regularly seen out in real leopard furs, hand-picked peacock feathers, and vintage ranch boots.

The other three in the band, Walker, Jude and Luke, are more demure in their clothing tastes, but Luke isn't immune to a cheeky exotic shirt at practice, and Jude too has been seen in compromising clothing that he would't want exposed.