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Cregan & Co

8.00PM - 11.00PM

An evening of great music from the Rod Stewart songbook highlighting the massive hits that Jim Cregan wrote and performed with Rod, together with other smash hits from the bands that he has worked with over the years.

The Faces broke up in 1975 and Rod Stewart started his own band. ​One of the most influential guitarists in this line-up was Jim Cregan.With Rod, he co-wrote many of songs of that period between ’76 and ’94. Jim also played and sang on all those famous albums, co-produced tracks, made the videos and toured the world several times with Rod.Now, 35 years on, Jim, together with four outstanding musicians, performs that well-loved heritage music under the new name 'Cregan & Co'.

“Loved them”
“Awesome is an understatement”
“They were brill”
“Great band they were superb”

“If you can’t afford my tickets go see these guys ..... they’re just as good and half the price !!” Rod Stewart
“I was blown away by how good the band was .... Have seen Jim a few times with Rod in the past but playing just as good & what a voice your lead singer has got !”
“This is a seriously good band who play seriously good music with a very serious feel-good factor to their show!”
“the band were awesome!”