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SOLD OUT- Paul Young's Los Pacaminos

8.00PM - 11.00PM


On a bleak November day in London in 1993, Paul was pondering how to break the album/promotion/tour routine that to be honest, was becoming a little predictable after 10 years of being a solo performer. And anyways, he missed the camaraderie of just being a band member.... So he called around some of his friends and members of his previous line-ups through the years to find out who would be interested in forming a loose, relaxed Tex-Mex group for some impromptu gigs. This music, from the working class bars of West Texas, brought the atmosphere of the sun soaked expanse of the great state of Texas into a dingy rehearsal room seated beneath a massive flyover in West London. This meeting of friends became a regular fixture and the good feeling generated by these rehearsals drove the momentum of the music forward. Paul and the guys decided that it might be fun to play some local bars just for the hell of it. Soon the band had formed into a regular six piece playing cover tunes by the likes of the Texas Tornados and Ry Cooder, and a few R&B standards given the Tex-Mex treatment.

The following year brought a further development when a young Melvin Duffy brought his virtuoso steel guitar playing to the Los Pacaminos table and the band was complete. The band started to play gigs all around London at this time and became favourites on the circuit.

Now in their 23rd year this band of friends are still playing the music they love. Along the way, the songwriting developed to the point where the band’s first studio album was full of self-penned songs that lovingly captured the feel of life down by the Mexican border... That carry the atmosphere of a Texan working man’s bar on Friday night; payday for those field and oil workers who had emigrated to Texas from Scotland, Germany and Mexico and who brought their polkas and waltzes and love songs with them.

Never to be rushed (!), Los Pacaminos’ 2nd studio album is choc full of Border stories about unrequited love, dangerous love, I’ll-never-make-that-mistake-again love, it-was-never-gonna-work-anyways love, just plain ol’real love, proud Texans, partying, and booze! All played out under a hot border sun... Sadly, one of the band’s original members Matty Irving lost his long battle with
cancer in April of this year. He was an integral part of the sound of Los Pacaminos, understanding the genre perfectly and coming up with arguably some of the band’s best-written material. He is sadly missed by all the boys, but just playing his songs will keep Matt in the memory of the band members and the fans, which is just the way he would have wanted it. So, put those blues to one side for the evening, forget the working week and join in the party atmosphere generated by Paul and the guys as they sing and play the music so deep in their hearts. Come and have a beer and tequila and kick up your heels. Here’s a quick resume of the members who make up Los Pacaminos.....................

Vocals/Guitar/Bajo Sexto: Paul Young
Well known both from his days with Q-Tips and his number one solo hits "Wherever I Lay My Hat","Come Back and Stay", "Every Time You Go Away" as well as his chart topping albums and collaboration with top Italian singer Zucchero.

Guitar/Vocals: Drew Barfield
From A&M signings The Keys and The Big Heat, Drew has written songs for Go West, Joe Jackson, Paul Young and Level 42.

Pedal Steel Guitar: Melvin Duffy
Probably the finest young pedal steel guitar player in Britain. His credits include Jimmy Nail, Leo Sayer and Deana Carter. Recent tours include Chris Difford and Robbie Williams, Dylan Le Blanc, The Water Boys and First Aid Kit.

Keyboards/Accordion/Vocals: Matt Irving. Matt performed with a whole host of artists including Roger Chapman, Lords Of The New Church, Paul Young, Squeeze, Chris Rea, Jools Holland, Roger Waters and Manfred Mann.