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Diddley Bow Making Masterclass with Four Roses Bourbon

7.00PM - 10.00PM

Love bluegrass? Love bourbon? Fancy the chance to make your very own Cigar Box guitar? Four Roses are offering Diddley Bow masterclasses where you can make your own bespoke guitar, drink four roses bourbon and bring out the Bow Diddley in you!

Tickets include

2 Four Roses Cocktails
All the parts needed for your Diddley Bow
A guitar pick
A Four Roses T-shirt
Hosted by Four Roses brand ambassador Benji Purslow & OddBox Guitars owner Eric Molyneux, you will learn the skills required to put your own unique guitar together with friends , whilst drinking Four Roses cocktails. Four Roses is all about handcrafted moments and authenticity so this is the perfect activity for people who love making things (and drinking bourbon)